Women for Women Workshop – Testimonials

It doesnt matter where you have been, you can always change where you are going


Women for Women has taught me that I am totally responsible for myself, that through my own thoughts and actions I create my own reality. With the ongoing genuine love and support it has helped me acknowledge my inner strengths and the courage to move forward and search for the greater purpose of my life. I highly recommend the course to any one with the desire to wanting to ‘make a difference’ firstly for themselves and then for others.



I have done a number of workshops, and have found W4W to be one of the better ones for the following reasons. You are encouraged to participate and are given unconditional support not only during the workshop and for as long as you wish afterwards. It is an opportunity to give your life a kick start, to form long term lasting friendships and keep you on track about the important things of life. I recommend this workshop to all ladies – any age, occupation, situation – there are no barriers.



Women 4 Women workshop was recommended by my counselor who told me this might help me. I have changed the course of my life because of this workshop and can only thank all those who run the workshop, Maureen for the knowledge and love and Peter for recommending something that works.



The Women for Women workshop changed my life. I found it to be ultimately rewarding and a beautiful experience. I learnt so much and was given a lot of help in moving forward. I found the workshop helped me to let go, and the nurturing environment made me feel very safe and loved. I feel so much stronger and happier within myself after completing this workshop. The ongoing support offered by W4W is amazing. There is a strong network of women and the weekly groups provide a wonderful forum for everybody to come together and support one another.



I can honestly say that this workshop changed my life…..in fact it saved my life from what it had become, shriveled with fear, anger and depression. It was the beginning of an incredible journey, one which continues today but now faced with anticipation and excitement, of discovering and revealing the amazing woman I always have been but was too scared to acknowledge. Supported and nurtured by a beautiful network of friends and sisters, my life has been enriched and my soul fed. My deepest gratitude.



My weekend at the retreat was awesome, life changing and totally liberating. I have spent 69 years trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be and it is only now that I finally have the courage to be just ME. The whole week-end was conducted in a very nurturing way with Maureen and the “helpers” showing great skill and empathy and I found it so refreshing to be able to express my feelings without any fear, knowing that I was surrounded by people who really cared. The workshops that followed have reinforced the lessons learned that week-end and FINALLY I am slowly but surely taking control of my own life. Fantastic.



I had been to many other personal workshops before this one and was feeling that I had not been to the place that I need to go. At a much deeper level with the gentle love and support from the other women I was able to go to where I was able to release all the shame, hurt and anger from my past experiences. I felt completely safe and knew that everyone of the women had also been through what I had to varying degrees. What I found most rewarding was the ongoing support and by attending the weekly meeting not only keeps me growing, it has been a connection to a group of wonderful loving sisters. I am feeling for the first time that I belong somewhere. I know that any of the women in this group are there to support me in anyway I need and that I can rely on them at any time. I would encourage anyone who is feeling lost or not able to find hope to attend this workshop Go for it 100% and you will get 100% + in return.



I completed the workshop about a year ago and found The Women for women workshop was an amazing opportunity to commit time to myself. I learnt many things about myself and the patterns I was stuck in. It provided a beautiful opportunity to heal and release things that were holding me back. I have used the weekend as a springboard for achieving this year what I had been wanting to but previously feared. The women who facilitated the workshop showed me so much love, support and were shining examples of true female empowerment. Thank you, I highly recommend the workshop to anyone.



Participating in the w4w workshop changed my life forever. It started my journey of loving,
accepting, honoring and respecting myself and it brought me closer to my truth and who I really am. I had never really felt love and pure joy before this workshop. The workshop helped me to unravel my hidden secrets and realise that I am truly not alone in this world. I came out feeling confident and courageous and with the innate knowing that given any situation I can handle it. It was really magical. I wish I had done it when I was in high school. I would have made far more informed choices with love.



The W4W workshop was amazing. Just simply – women supporting women. And the best thing that I found is that the love and support continues well after the workshop. I would recommend this journey to anyone.



In November 2005 I decided it was time to invest in me. I had already done heaps of ‘personal growth’ work in my early to mid 20’s, but had neglected this part of myself for many years. My life was not working out the way I wanted it to. So I embarked on my first Women 4 Women workshop.It was absolutely incredible and literally life-changing. The women who staffed the weekend along with the amazing and deep processes we went through supported me to access aspects of my personality, belief system and mental-patterns that I really hadn’t been conscious of. The transformation has not always been easy, however it is THE best work you can ever do for yourself – my self esteem and every aspect of my life has improved immensely. This work is not about other people telling you what you need to change, heal or improve and it’s certainly not about what beliefs you should have about religion. It’s about YOU: trusting YOU, developing YOU, to be the person YOU want to be, clearing old behavioral patterns that don’t serve YOU and creating the life that YOU want, the relationships YOU want etc. It is your choice after all! The last 12 months of my life have been amazingly transformational; I now have the relationship I’ve always wanted; the work/life balance I’ve always wanted; the relationships with my family are really improving and I feel so supported to continue this work with Women 4 Women at further workshops and weekly
gatherings. Thanks!



I attended a workshop three years ago not knowing what to expect. As far as I was concerned there wasn’t anything really wrong with me or my life. How fickle was I not to believe that there was a better way to approach life and all that came with it. I feel incredible gratitude to have met so many courageous, supportive women and know that I am on the road to creating a far richer, fuller and rewarding life for myself and my family.



When I felt like my life was full of sadness and needed direction, I was lucky enough to hear about Women For Women. Now, my journey to self-empowerment has well and truly begun. This amazing group has shown me that women can fully connect with each other in a non-judgmental, supportive and loving way. In a safe space, and with all the love in the world around me, I was able to start seriously healing my life. I’ve never looked back. I love the work that I’ve done with this group, and the way that Women For Women graciously affect, in a positive way, the women and families, and communities that seek shelter and help within their nurturing circle. Thank-you Women For Women.



Change is such a common word and yet such a powerful one. Women for Women enabled me to change, fundamentally. I attended the Workshop where they opened the door, created a safe place and gave me a much needed nudge to make the changes I needed for my life. The Sex and Relations workshop helped me change my relationship to myself and my relationship with others. For these opportunities and for their friendship, love and support – I am forever grateful. THANK-YOU.



You choose to undertake this workshop for your own personal reason. Be not afraid, allow yourself to be guided by the love, beauty and strength. The unknown encourages you to focus on your needs and free yourself of negativity. I give thanks and blessed to have experienced this amazing, peaceful course.



What the Women For Women did for me was to take me on a guided trip back through myself looking at who and what I am. I learned about others and I learned about me, and I hold these learning’s of being of great value. The weekend was transformational for me and it helped me realize that the power is there within me . God alone created the door but Women For Women gave me the tools I needed to open the door and step through, into another world of opportunity and personal growth. When it’s all said and done I am all I have got. I have so much support, love and beautiful friends and at times they help me to continue on my journey . This workshop is truly worthwhile and it was life changing. I recommend everyone to do this.



What can I say! Talk about fast tracking to clear the rubbish out of my system. I presented myself to Maureen one fateful September day in 2004 at about the lowest ebb in my life. I had failed in yet another marriage, found myself in a relationship that was less than satisfying, had lost the respect of both my children and had a failing business that had taken a lifetime to build and a minute to destroy. It was suggested I attend a Women for Women workshop in the November. I was challenged to look at the real me inside instead of looking for love and approval outside. I’m forever grateful for the tremendous love, safety and support that Maureen, Bernadette and the team of beautiful women gave to me on that weekend. I learnt that I truly am the most beautiful being and can now truthfully say that I AM WORTH IT! I’ve learnt to respect myself and have started a journey of healing and self improvement. This weekend gave me the courage to stand up and be counted and love my life again. The ongoing support and contact with all these beautiful women every Wednesday night has enabled me to continue the growth and healing started by this workshop.



I attended the W4W workshop at a time in my life when just about every part of my life was not working. I was gently and lovingly supported in finding the parts of me that I had lost connection with, and encouraged by wise and nurturing women to firstly identify, and then take responsibility for my own behaviours – good and bad. I felt as though I had found the role model for ‘woman’ and ‘mother’ that I had missed out on in my youth and I have continued to work on my growth from this wonderful start to my journey. Challenge yourself to tell the truth and find out who you really are.



The W4W workshop was the best thing I ever did. It helped me understand my true self, what I wanted in life and gave me the courage to address issues that I had been bottling up. I have found my voice and made several positive life changing decisions. No monetry value can ever amount to what I have personally gained.



W4W was Totally Life-changing for me! I was finally able to release the hurt and shame from sexual abuse that had begun in my life as a small baby and haunted my relationships since then. The processes helped me to face my deepest fears and become liberated at last. The love and support from all the women was totally amazing and I want to personally thank our Facilitator Maureen for being such a sensitive and powerful healer.



It is almost 12mths since I attended this workshop, and what a difference it has made to my entire life. I always thought I was alone, never knowing there were others with such similar fears, anxieties and pain. I have learned how to deal with my demons from my past and truly love who I am as a person. I now feel totally empowered and hold myself proud in all areas of my life. To all the wonderful ladies I have met since doing this workshop, I say THANK YOU!! for your continued love,support and friendship.



I completed my W4W workshop a couple of years ago and have done similar workshops before. The difference for me is that this workshop opened a lot of feminine heart space for me in my daily living. It helped me appreciate what I have and get to know the ‘real’ me on a deeper level. From my own experience, I have found there wasn’t a lot of support in the longer term after attending other workshops. With W4W the continuing lessons I get from the weekly meetings are endless. For sure I’ll get tested in my life the very next day on something we have learnt the night before. It has taught me to challenge my judgements, be compassionate and support other women. I have also really enjoyed connecting with women that I would not normally get to know. That in itself, teaches me about myself and opens my mind to different ways of looking at life. The weekly meetings are my soul filler and a great social get together. I am proud of who I am today and my achievements and Women for Women is a key part of that success.