Mother/Father Workshop – Testimonials

It doesnt matter where you have been, you can always change where you are going


I found this to be a beautiful workshop in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. It gave me better understanding of why we do the things we do and how old behaviours can be passed down through generations until someone says “enough!” and takes the first step towards healing old wounds. It supported me in letting go of old resentments, anger and deep sadness that had burdened me for many years and has given me the strength and courage to make changes not only in my relationship with my parents – who are both deceased – but with myself and my rediscovered inner child.



This workshop gave me a deeper understanding of the relationship and patterns of behaviours that I had with my parents. Being able to release unwanted feelings gave me the opportunity to love and forgive my father and mother for past hurts. Having the opportunity to release sadness and pain has had and still is having a positive effect on my relationship with my beautiful children. I felt alive and at peace which has enabled me to love and be the best parent that I can be to my children and to myself. Letting go of the sadness and anger has opened my life up to new experiences. What a gift!



This workshop for me seemed to be the catalyst for all the personal growth work that I had done for myself over the period of 3-4 years. I was able to realize a deeper level of understanding about the relationship that I had with my parents. Until I attended this workshop I used to blame all of the things that happened in my life on my parents. What this workshop did was to show me that they did what they had been taught and were only doing the very best they could. It also showed me how little I really knew about my parents and the importance of making sure that my children and any future grandchildren get to know all there is about me and my life.