Money Magic Workshop – Testimonials

It doesnt matter where you have been, you can always change where you are going


WOW!!!!! What and experience. Challenging, magical, inspiring and differently life changing. 2 years latter and the magic is still happening for me everyday. It really does work.



Up until I went to the workshop I thought that everything came down to luck. By attending this workshop I realised that this was a belief that no longer served me as well as many others. I now know I create my “luck” and that I am deserving of the abundance that has not stopped flowing since I completed the workshop.



Truly life changing……Money Magic has given me complete financial freedom and security (something I’d never previously experienced). The techniques taught on Money Magic have given me more money (cash in hand) than I ever thought possible. Thanks to Money Magic I am laughing all the way to the Bank.



The workshop that I believe to be the most powerful for me was the Money Magic workshop. The workshop allowed me to discover what my real passion in life is and how powerful my inner strength/energy can be when I know how to tap into it.

—Ross W


Money Magic Workshop should be compulsory for everyone who uses money. I think so differently today because I can, now armed with the knowledge that has me changing the way I conduct my personal life and business life. I previously struggled with handling money now I view it in a different way and actually enjoy my challenges. Thank you for showing me a different way of thinking.



This has been the most magical workshop I have ever done. Living in fear of not having enough from week to week and sometimes being behind with bills and having to borrow left me scared, worried and feeling like I could never catch up. Money Magic has opened my eyes to seeing money in a new light. I am now well under way of keeping well within my budget and having a great feeling that there is enough, for me and for everyone. I feel so abundant!



Challenged with the old belief of “There’s never enough to go around” I chose to do the Money Magic Workshop. I thought I was a very astute business woman, however I was sabotaging myself all the time with the limits I was setting on what I could achieve. Thanks to Money Magic I now have a thriving, prosperous business and personal wealth growth that I can see changing every day. I’ve achieved so many of the goals I’ve set and look back on the time since to see where I’ve been and what I’ve done and it all just happens when you LET GO! Thank you Maureen for turning the light on in my heart, mind and soul to the fact that I’m worth it, I am a very astute business woman.